Comments from some of those who have received acupuncture treatments from Dr Richard Halvorsen at City Acupuncture

I have suffered with headaches and migraines for a number of years. There would seldom be a two-week period where I did not have a headache and I suffered migraines at least once a month. Since starting the acupuncture I am amazed to find it has been a month and have only had a slight headache for two days and no migraines. I would strongly recommend any headache or migraine sufferer to try this treatment.
Karen Goulding
I have suffered from frequent migraines and almost daily headaches for many years which had a detrimental effect on my well-being and everyday life. I had tried all manner of treatments and medications over the years and nothing worked until I tried acupuncture with Dr Halvorsen. I was amazed by how effective the course of treatment was. Since beginning acupuncture I have had had no migraines at all and my headaches are now infrequent and much milder than they used to be. I have also had treatment to an old recurring injury in my shoulder and acupuncture has greatly increased the mobility in my shoulder and relieved the pain I had. Acupuncture has made such a difference to my life and the way I feel. I swear by it now and would thoroughly recommend Dr Halvorsen to anyone who is suffering from migraines, or any other ailments for that matter.
Vikki Smith
For over a year I had suffered from an unusual affliction which manifests itself as a regular, but not constant, intense itching of the upper and lower arms. It caused me daily discomfort, and worst of all, badly impacted my sleep. My GP had not been able to diagnose it, and I was certain it was not a dermatological issue as the skin was not in the slightest bit inflamed, dry nor damaged. I conducted some internet research and self-diagnosed it as brachioradial pruritus based on forums frequented by many people with identical symptoms. The only successful treatment that had been mentioned on the forums was acupuncture, so I contacted a handful of practitioners local to my office. Dr Halverson came across as the most credible so I arranged an initial visit. Dr Halverson had not treated the precise condition before, but had some experience treating patients with similar symptoms. After the initial consultation we agreed upon a plan of 6 weekly session, then a review, then possibly additional sessions more spread out. This seemed sensible to me and I was able to book regular weekly lunchtime slots so it was very convenient. Dr Halverson stuck to the plan, making marginal experimental alterations to the precise position of the needles in the first few sessions. The results were excellent. By the scheduled 6th session review, whilst the affliction had not disappeared, it was considerably better and was now barely impacting my sleep. We decided to continue with less frequent sessions, and I am hopeful of further improvements however, even maintaining the improvement to date would be a huge step forward compared to where I was. Dr Halverson evidently has a lot of experience. What gave me most confidence was the clarity of the initial plan, the focus on understanding my response to treatment, and the desire to find a way to tackle the condition in the long term.
Jim Davies
My decision to have acupuncture was based on two reasons: to relieve my lower back pain and to alleviate severe migraine. Having suffered with migraine for over 20 years, I felt that a complementary approach would be much more beneficial as opposed to taking painkillers on a regular basis. Since starting treatment just a short while ago, I have not had a migraine which is almost miraculous considering my history. My lower back pain has subsided considerably, I feel much calmer and have an overall sense of well-being. Dr Halvorson is professional in his approach, possessing a real understanding of his clients' needs and I would highly recommend having treatment at City Acupuncture.
Katina Markou
The location is excellent and the booking service is very efficient. I have never been kept waiting. The treatment I have received has been very beneficial indeed. The doctor has been flexible and has designed a programme of treatments set around my changing needs. I have undergone both Western acupuncture and electro-acupuncture, both new to me and both providing positive results. I cannot recommend the service more highly.
Anthony Willsher
I have only had two appointments and much to my astonishment I am now pain free for the first time in three months after experiencing excruciating discomfort for quite some time. I found this course of treatment to be first class
After many months of having various treatments for a "frozen shoulder" and not having much luck with recovering, after a few treatments by Dr Halvorsen my shoulder is almost back to normal. I am very pleased with the attention, dedication and help that Dr Halvorsen has given me and would highly recommend him.
Evgeniy Romanov
I have received excellent treatment from Dr Halvorsen. After trying other treatments I am delighted that acupuncture has stopped my post-herpetic neuralgia – the pain following a bout of shingles in 2013. Dr Halvorsen is a careful and thoughtful practitioner and explains the treatment in a calm and unhurried manner. I recommend Dr Halvorsen without reservation.
Anne Corbett
I was beyond impressed with my experience with Dr Halvorsen and I was completely blown away by how helpful and kind he was. Dr Halvorsen was highly knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable through out the appointments, considering the fact that I have a phobia of needles. I would highly recommend Dr Halvorsen and the personnel at his practice.
Amineh Mansoori
Richard is the best acupuncturist I have ever visited. I have a recurring problem that in a few sessions Richard can fix. In 10 days (3 sessions) he can fix the pain in my shoulder and back. To go from taking pain killers and anti-inflammatories every couple of hours to being pain free is the most amazing feeling in the world.
I have a headache and migraines. That was the reason to consult Dr Halvorsen. The acupuncture, the traditional Chinese as well as the Western to relieve muscle pain, was really helpful and, finally, resulted in no migraine, no headache or back pain. I really recommend the treatments with Dr Halvorsen.