Hay Fever

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Hay fever is caused by an allergy to the pollen from grasses, trees, plants and – perhaps not surprisingly – hay. It affects people during the pollen season in the spring and summer and causes a runny or blocked nose, itchy and watery eyes and a sore itchy throat. Standard treatments, involving eye drops, nasal sprays and anti-histamine tablets are often very effective. However they do not relieve the symptoms in everyone and some people look to alternative treatments for additional relief.
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Clinical experience tells us that people suffering from hay fever can be helped by acupuncture, sometimes dramatically.
systematic review and meta-analysis, considered the most critical and valid type of scientific research, found that acupuncture caused a significant reduction in the nasal symptoms of hay fever sufferers compared with control groups. There were no significant side effects of the treatments and the authors concluded that "acupuncture could be a safe and valid treatment option for allergic rhinitis [hay fever]". This confirms previous scientific research.
Twice-weekly treatments are sometimes needed during the hay fever season when symptoms are at their worst. Between 3 and 6 weekly treatments before the hay fever season starts may prevent attacks altogether. Needles are usually inserted in the face, legs and arms.