Receive acupuncture from a medically qualified doctor who has been practicing acupuncture for 30 years

Dr Richard Halvorsen is trained in both Chinese and Western acupuncture

Recognised by all major health insurance companies

Based in central London

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New Book on acupuncture

Dr Halvorsen's book on acupuncture has just been published. This readable, practical and comprehensive guide brings together all acupuncture treatments as well as the latest critical medical research into their effectiveness.
For the first time, the effectiveness of acupuncture based on Western medical science and traditional Chinese medicine are considered side by side.

Managing Pain and other medically proven uses of acupuncture now on amazon.
Acupuncture, involving the insertion of needles into the skin, is an ancient system of medicine that has been practiced for over 2000 years in the East, but has only gained acceptance in the West over the last 50 years.
Research is now confirming its ability to effectively treat many conditions.
At City Acupuncture you will receive expert treatment from an acupuncturist with 30 years of experience.
You will be offered either Western or Traditional Chinese acupuncture depending on which is most suitable for your condition.

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